Taare Zameen Per – Meri Maa

A beautiful song from Taare Zameen Per: Meri Maa

Enjoy the video and heart touching lyrics of the song….

main kabhi batlaata nahi….
par andhere se darta hoon main maa

yuun to main dikhlaata nahi….
teri parwaah karta hoon main maa

tujhe sab hai pata….
hai na maa
tujhe sab hai pata…
meri maa

bheed mein yuun na chhodo mujhe….
ghar laut ke bhi aana paau maa

bhejna itna door mujhko tu….
yaad bhi tujhkoaana paau maa

kya itna bura….
hoon main maa
kya itna bura…
meri maa

jab bhi kabhi papa mujhe….
zor zor jhula jhulate hai maa

meri nazar dhoondhe tujhe….
sochun yahi tu aake thaamegi maa

unase main yeh kehta nahi….
par main seham jaata hoon main maa

chehre mein aane deta nahi….
dil hi dil mein ghabraata hoon main

tujhe sab hai pata….
hai na maa
tujhe sab hai pata…
meri maa

o main kabhi batlaata nahi….
par andhere se darta hoon main maa

yuun to main dikhlaata nahi….
teri parwaah karta hoon main maa

tujhe sab hai pata….
hai na maa
tujhe sab hai pata…
meri maa


42 thoughts on “Taare Zameen Per – Meri Maa

  1. Osem song, very heart touching! Really it makes one cry , n da video is also fabulous! Great song… keep it up!

  2. This made me speechless!!!! It’s beautiful, it’s reall direct from the heart, made my eyes filled with tears!! heart touching poetry, lyrics, music and awsome picturization!!
    Thanks for this song!!!
    Really thanks!!!

  3. it is a very heart toching song when i listen this song i feel that what is the importence of mother in everybody life its my heart wishes god always give livelong for everybody mother

  4. i wept….it’s like me singing to mum…straight from the heart….touching lyrics,soulful music and awesome rendition…..i wish i cud send this comment to shankar mahadevan…..i lost my mum 12 years ago.

  5. I’m a bangladeshi, dont understand hindi, watch hindi movies when subtitles are available :). but this is the first hindi movie I have just seen it without any subtitle. The acting of the boy (i dont know the name yet)is amaizing. The whole movie is heart touching. Amir Khan….he is my favorite actor.

  6. this song is really very touching n the music wades through the soul.Really a brilliant job done by Aamir khan n the entire team.Hats of to them.First time in indian industry, such a touching and nice movie.:(

  7. I thought b4 watching this movie that it will be pretty boring. but there was nothing boring about this song.

    i cant say anymore that the other people have commented.

    Iam totalyy speechless…………..

    iam ashamed of wat i said b4………

    heart touching indeed…….


  9. It’s a good movie …..
    aisy movies honi chahiey …jis mei bachoon ki aur walden ki ….donoo ki tarbiyaat hoon…..
    wonder full movie….
    sab sy achaa character Aamir Khan ka hai….
    sab say acha seen ..was the concert result day when Eshaan ran towards Aamir Khan…
    and the most amazing and emotional was thethe maa song…

  10. sallam, hope ur doing well Amir khan ,i have enjoyed ur movie ,its mind blowing ,fantastic,excellent,iam shoked that how u id that waw ok hope u will makw more movies like that ,wish u best of luck take care bye ,.

  11. I’v never told you
    How scared I am of the Dark
    I’v never told you
    But you know,don’t you maa?
    You know everything my Maa.

    Don’t leave me alone in crowds
    I’ll lose my way back home

  12. Whenever I listen to this song,I cry…Mamuni,wherever you are and whatever you do,just know that your son is missing you and crying for you.I will come and jump to your lap!

  13. this song leaves me a hole inside my heart when i listen, you are great Mr Zameen par, keep on writing…. good luck

  14. god in heaven said to a nine month baby you are golng to born on earth tomorrow.baby cried and asked how i will talk with people.god said i had already sent an angel to earth she wil teach you.then child asked how i willpray to you god .god told the angel vil teach you.then child asked how i vil learn good words.god repliedthe angel vil teach you.how do i find that angel the child asked.god answered its very simple.usually people call that angek as MOTHER…..

  15. Very True..
    Maa really knowz evrything.. ahh I can’t even imagine how could one listen this song who have lost their mothers .. Only God can give you strength and only He can teach you how to live without MOM..no one else
    I got married 3 years back, still i missed my mom alot, even though we often meet but i missed her love and full time attention that i had before my wedding:( I feel so jealous with my brother,, that he is and inshAllah will always be closed to her,,,
    but what to do??:)
    Yahi zindagi hai…
    May Allah Bless U, where ever you are..
    Meri MAA….

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